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What you should know about us

Abouts us

"We are a team of professionals in the field of information security, with the mission of helping companies in the region to improve their security methodologies."

Our Goals

Our approach is to collect information about the infrastructure of possible attackers and use it to implement security mechanisms in the infrastructure of our clients.

We cover the following areas



We protect your information, installing and configuring security systems such as Firewalls, IDS and servers..

Web Pentesting

We perform penetration tests on your website to find faults before hackers do and can repair them.

Risk analysis

It is a process that includes the identification of computer assets, their vulnerabilities and threats to which they are exposed as well as their probability of occurrence and the impact thereof, in order to determine the appropriate controls to accept, decrease, transfer or avoid the occurrence of risk

Professional consultations

Risk Analysis, Security Mechanisms, Threat Models, Security Policies.

Training :

We have the following training Safety Offensive, Risk Analysis, Usable Safety, Safe Design.

intelligence service

Attackers Database, Tier 1 & 2 Threat Control. .

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